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Architectural Expertise

Fashioning Innovative Yet Timeless End Results

John Davis Design Group produces all of their contract documents in a Colorado Springs office using AutoCAD & Revit programs. Plus, 3D colored renderings and 2D colored renderings are available on all projects.

Architecture Model Sketching

Building Design

JDDG designs the best possible floor plans and exterior facades for the specific context presented, including functionality for its use especially for the people who will be using the future space. From the beginning JDDG takes into consideration and works along with the clients vision, timeline and budget.

Interior Design

Bridging art and science to enhance the interior of a building to achieve a healthier and more aesthetically pleasing environment for the people using the space. All spaces crave a flow; JDDG manifests ideas to maximize the square footage, ingenuity, and increases your return on investment.

House Construction

Land Planning

Determining the technical, aesthetic, and orderly disposition of land and resources pertinent to the project at hand. JDDG works together with their clients to develop a land plan with attributes suitable within the properties physical, economic and social efficiencies.

Project Management

JDDG will represent our partners by administering all planning aspects, initiating stakeholder orientation, overseeing contract administration, scheduling site visitations and systematizing the overall building process to achieve all specified success criteria.

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